aisling is…

a whimsical pessimist • a designer • a vintage enthusiast • addicted to pumpkin spice • a gluten free foodie • a reader of contemporary romance • a lover of instagram • a casual swiftie • a canadian living in england • an occasional writer

let’s see what she’s currently up to.


When I chose “renaissance” as my word of the year for 2023, I didn’t expect it to manifest in the way that it did.

I was surprised to find how much the word has remained relevant throughout the year regardless of my initial plans.

Not making much progress

How is the Pretty Content relaunch going, you might ask?

Maybe not as smoothly as I once thought.

Officially Autistic

It’s the worst kept secret of the last 35 years – I’m autistic.

At least I have Timmy the Turtle to help keep me grounded.

Looking for something in particular?

This blog is still in its early days, but there’s no harm in being nosy!

Hi there, I’m Aisling!

I just hit my mid-30s and I am in desperate need of a creative outlet. Cue my return to the world of personal blogging. Which I’m not sure is even much of a “world” anymore, and is perhaps a niche community. Well, I was doing before it was cool, and now I’m doing it after.

I heard blogging is dead
& newsletters are cool now.

Well, you can have your cake and eat it too! Just pop your email here and I’ll make sure freshly baked posts get sent to your inbox.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is great because I’m usually too lazy to write long Insta captions.