The first blog post is always awkward

So let’s just get into it.

I just turned 35 and I’m in desperate need of a creative outlet.

Until recently, that void was filled by my brand and web design business, but we grew apart. I was burnt out and uninspired.

But I am a creative person. I like to make and do things.

I also am the kind of person that needs constant stimulation. Not too much, not too little.

And I really love sitting in coffee shops with my laptop.

I’ve been blogging since the beginning of time. This has taken many forms from my original personal blogging days, to my more monetised lifestyle blogging era, to blogging for my business and now… this.

I intend ‘this’ to be closest related to the time of personal blogging. Just a place to write about what I’m doing, thinking and feeling. With absolutely no expectation that anyone will read it.

It won’t be as messy as it was back then! I was a teenager and I didn’t understand the concept of personal boundaries. Now I have a whole entire longterm partner I can tell the messy stuff to. And, failing that, I have a pretty pink journal for the stuff that’s just for me.

Plus, I’m old now, and there simply isn’t as much drama as there used to be – thank god!

Anyway, if you’re reading this around the time I’ve “launched” then I’ve written a few posts already to get you started.

If you’re reading this post-launch and I haven’t posted in a while and the whole place is feeling a little stale… well, I’m not surprised. I’m not the kind of person who can stick to a routine, no matter how much better it makes me feel!

But here’s hoping that hasn’t happened, and that the blog is alive and well, because I really like the design.