Dusting off ye olde blog.

Wow it’s just like yesterday that I created this blog and then left it to gather dust.

So um… hi? I really thought I was going to be more creative over the last few months, but it just didn’t happen! Not for one reason or another specifically. Just a general laziness and… well, honestly sometimes I forget this place even exists. And you can’t type into something you can’t remember you own!

I’m just now starting to feel the creativity flow which is probably something to do with autumn. Fave season and whatnot. Plus just more opportunities for cosy activities like “the computer.”

I am currently working on a comeback for Pretty Content. I’m thinking about writing a few posts about that. Could be interesting to reflect a bit more on that project, and not just in a way that is me scribbling nonsense in my journal.

I also got a new phone yesterday and the camera quality compared to my old one is… well, unexpected! I thought my old one was fine but this one is next level. This might also spur on some creativity, or at least prompt me to take some photos when I’m out and about (oot and aboot) and then maybe I’ll share.

So that’s the update! I’m alive and well. See you next time, which is hopefully sooner than last time.