I don’t even really know why I have a blog if I never update it*! But whenever I’ve had a blog up and running, I’ve always done a little birthday post titled with the age I’ve just reached. So this is that.

(* Spoiler: it’s ADHD)

It was a pretty big year in terms of self-discovery and change.

The biggest change I made was taking a risk and trying a medical way to lose weight. I’ve had a lot of success and I’m feeling a lot better about my health. I’m enjoying playing with new clothes and figuring out what my aesthetic is now that all my expensive pretty dresses are too big. I used to be into bold colours and loud patterns, but now I find myself drawn to softer and lighter shades. I love that I can walk into a store and almost always find something that fits me – this wasn’t the case a few months ago! It’s a touchy subject for a lot of people, and I have previously hidden that I am on medication, but I do think it needs to be destigmatised and also that everyone should just mind their own business.

I’ve written about my autism diagnosis in November. But I was also diagnosed with ADHD in January. This was actually a surprise to me because it was flagged in my autism assessment. But once I learned more about ADHD it became clear to me how badly I’ve been suffering with its effects. I’m on the waitlist for medication, which should happen around June.

Last June was when I started the weight loss medication, so I’m going to try to wean myself off this summer, so I can eliminate some extra spending on private prescriptions. Eventually my ADHD prescription will be transferred to the NHS, but I will be paying privately until my dose is stable.

June will also be our second time at Glastonbury. I had a lot of fun last year, but I’d only just started the weight loss injections, so things were a bit rough. Especially trying to carry all my heavy stuff in the blistering heat. I was literally projectile vomiting, which is not common for me since I have R-CPD and the muscle doesn’t usually let things come up. This year we’re taking the coach so it will be a bit more heavy carrying but I’m feeling a lot more confident. I had a great time last year, so now I know any struggle is worth it! Also last year I got a surprise period which was not fun without proper toilets. So this year I think will be a blast.

Okay, wait, I’m talking too much about the future and not about my year!

I went home twice in 2023, which was nice as I hadn’t been since before the pandemic, and I’m going again in August. It was nice to see family. I did get Covid at Christmas though!

Celebrated 8 years with Kate in January too, which is A LONG TIME. We’ve been through so much together and she’s been a complete champion. She’s really stepped up as I’ve been dealing with the post-diagnosis phenomenon of seeming “more AuDHD.”

In March we had our annual trip to the resort. We said it would be the last one. Well, it won’t be, because we both had such a great time that we’re already planning for next March!

I think that’s the highlights, but my brain is so bad at retaining information at the moment that I could be wrong. But I guess if I think of anything else, I can write another post!