The Future of Pretty Content

Oh my poor little Pretty Content. I had such high hopes for you. I thought we’d take over the world. I thought we’d gain financial freedom. Every time we get a little bit closer, we end up here. Back at the barest bones. Hello world. 

So, yes, if you’ve not been keeping track, Pretty Content has taken on many forms over the years. Most recently, and perhaps most prolifically, it was the banner under which I was a freelance brand and web designer. To varying degrees of success. With some fun experiments along the way. 

But since facing burnout and setting the clear boundary that for me more work is not the answer (and in fact less work is probably the answer), I’m obviously not going to be returning to the world of business ownership. 

So, what becomes of Pretty Content? It will become a hub for my creative projects. I’m doing more crafting, which is a bit silly, but I’d like to share what I make. I’d like to make in-depth, individually designed blog posts about things I find interesting. Ideally it will be very visual and artistic. 

On the flip side there’s this blog, which is more about writing what’s on my mind. Like we did on blogs of the old days. Okay, I’m never going back to that level of candour. But there’s a level of casualness here. Like when I write these I’m usually a little bit tipsy, feeling super relaxed, having a little main character moment. 

Those are the vibes. This Aisling is the one who’s maybe letting a little too loose once she’s had a drink at the pub after work. The other Aisling is trying to find ways to express herself in a different way. Sometimes they overlap, but they have pretty distinct purposes. 

I will have a section of the website with some of my brand and website work and a form for enquiries for those sorts of projects. But it won’t be something I’ll spend too much time promoting. 

And, I’m saying this as if it’s all imminent, but of course this is just as much up in the air as anything else in my life (it’s all just floating up there). I haven’t actually begun this project so it might never happen. But at least I can pretend this blog post is some form of accountability.