When I chose “renaissance” as my word of the year for 2023, I didn’t expect it to manifest in the way that it did.

I was surprised to find how much the word has remained relevant throughout the year regardless of my initial plans.

Not making much progress

How is the Pretty Content relaunch going, you might ask?

Maybe not as smoothly as I once thought.

Officially Autistic

It’s the worst kept secret of the last 35 years – I’m autistic.

At least I have Timmy the Turtle to help keep me grounded.

Why I took a big break from my business

In March I declared my ‘de-Girlbossification era’ and hit pause on my business, after spending a lot of time and energy on a new niche.
So what happened? And what’s next?

Dusting off ye olde blog.

It turns out I’m a pretty bad blogger.

I thought the summer would be more creative than it was! I’m starting to feel an autumnal fresh start though!

10 years in the UK!

I hopped off the plane at LHR, with a dream and a cardigan.

And now it’s 10 years later!

Van Gogh quote: In painting I want to say something comforting in the way that music is comforting."

Van Gogh Alive!

We visited the Van Gogh Alive exhibition on its first day in Brighton! It’s an immersive experience of Van Gogh’s life and work that surrounds you with colour, classical music, and the most delicious woody scent.

Creating my personal online void

Is your social media feed feeling a bit more like the tannoy in a train station than a place of community and conversation? Same. Hard same. That’s why I created my own online void. (This website is the void, if that’s not clear.)

A Kindle e-reader with the book "Happy Place" by Emily Henry sits on a grey blanket. Next to it, a tattooed arm holds a plastic coffee cup.

“Happy Place” by Emily Henry

In my first review on my new blog, I start to talk about “Happy Place” by Emily Henry but end up having an existential crisis. This will likely set the tone going forward!

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