The Future of Pretty Content

Oh my poor little Pretty Content. I had such high hopes for you. I thought we’d take over the world. I thought we’d gain financial freedom. Every time we get a little bit closer, we end up here. Back at the barest bones.
Hello world.

Burn out

I’ve been taking some time to fix my brain but it’s harder than it looks!

Been living the definition of “I’m so depressed I act like it’s my birthday every day.”

My one year Duolingo streak (and mobile blogging)

I did Duolingo every day for a year. But did I learn any Spanish, or am I just good at recognising patterns?

Also, I give mobile blogging a try with mixed results.

In my creative hobbies era

When I relaunched this blog, I thought “this is it. My creative hobbies era.”

I then proceeded to not do very many creative hobbies.

We now know that this is because of ADHD. And I have been using that knowledge to re-approach the ways I think of and do certain things. And now I basically have 2 creative hobbies that truly allow my brain to turn off and focus on what’s in front of me.


I’m thirty-six! Let’s take a look at the past year’s highlights. Including why I can never update this blog!

Spoiler: it’s ADHD.


When I chose “renaissance” as my word of the year for 2023, I didn’t expect it to manifest in the way that it did.

I was surprised to find how much the word has remained relevant throughout the year regardless of my initial plans.

Not making much progress

How is the Pretty Content relaunch going, you might ask?

Maybe not as smoothly as I once thought.

Officially Autistic

It’s the worst kept secret of the last 35 years – I’m autistic.

At least I have Timmy the Turtle to help keep me grounded.

Why I took a big break from my business

In March I declared my ‘de-Girlbossification era’ and hit pause on my business, after spending a lot of time and energy on a new niche.
So what happened? And what’s next?

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